How Does a Lyric Gateway Communicate with Total Connect?

A Lyric Gateway can communicate with Total Connect 2.0 over Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular.

The Lyric Gateway is fully compatible with Total Connect 2.0. Using this app, a user has the ability to remotely interact with their system. They can perform all security functions, including arm, disarm, and bypass, add, edit, or delete users, create new scenes for Z-Wave devices and activate individual automation devices. They can also setup notifications through the app to send messages via text, email, or Push Notification (iOS devices only, currently) when security events occur. To take advantage of these features, a user will need their Lyric Gateway monitored by an alarm company with access to AlarmNet360. The alarm company will need to create and configure the Total Connect 2.0 account. A user will need to download the Total Connect 2.0 app on their Apple or Android smart device or access the webpage by going to As long as the Lyric Gateway has an active and available communication path, the user will be able to login to their panel.

The Lyric Gateway is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator. The system also has an integrated Ethernet jack on the back of the panel and the user can choose to install a cellular module in an expansion bay located on the top of the Gateway. The Lyric Gateway supports either an AT&T or a Verizon cellular communicator. A user would want to select the communicator that corresponds to the strongest cell service in their area, as both communicators provide identical operation. The system can use any of its three communication paths as its sole method of communication or it can combine two paths in what is known as a dual path setup. With this feature enabled, the system will default to using its primary communication path (Ethernet or WIFI) and automatically switch to its secondary communication path (Cellular) in the event that the primary fails.

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