How Does Dual Path Monitoring Work on a Lyric Gateway?

Dual Path monitoring allows the Lyric Gateway to function with two communication paths. The Lyric Gateway will automatically switch to an active path if the primary path fails.

The Lyric Gateway is the newest self enclosed alarm system by Honeywell. It’s an all in one wireless system with multiple different communication options. The system is manufactured with a built in Z-Wave controller and WIFI communicator. The top of the system opens to reveal expansion bays where a cellular communicator can be installed. The cellular communicator is made in two models for United States use, an AT&T and Verizon version. There is no difference in operation between the two; users should select the brand module that corresponds with the strongest cellular service in their area.

The Lyric Gateway can send all of its alarm and system communication over a single path of any of its three communication options (Ethernet, Cellular or WIFI). With that said, users have the option to combine Cellular communication with Ethernet or WIFI. With two communication paths active the system will operate in a Dual Path mode. When Ethernet or WIFI is available, it is always the primary communication path. If Ethernet or WIFI should fail, the system will know, and will automatically switch to Cellular communication. This greatly increases the chance that an alarm signal will be communicated as internet and WIFI are notorious for sporadic outages. Cellular networks are known for their stability and uptime and serves as the perfect redundant communication solution.

For those who choose the single path, Ethernet or WIFI option, there are some steps that can be taken to help increase the reliability of the home internet connection. In all locations, modems and routers are very susceptible to power outages. To remedy this, a user could purchase a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) and plug their network devices into it. UPSs can provide power to the network device(s) and are made in many different models and sizes. By providing backup power to the location’s network equipment, even in a power outage, as long as the internet service itself is still up, the Gateway would be able to communicate out over WIFI or Ethernet as it has its own internal backup battery.

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