How Does the Keypad Communicate with the Lyric Gateway?

The LKP500 is a SiX Series device, which means it is a bi-directional, 128-bit AES encrypted remote keypad for use with the Lyric Gateway, and Controller. It communicates to the Gateway via secure 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, using the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This the same standard used for Zigbee devices, though the protocol differs. Transmission range for the LKP500-EN is approximately 300 feet, but could be more or less, depending on environmental factors. The keypad is meant to provide a remote point of control, and provides system status through a 2 line, 32 character, alpha display, as well as voice announcement (if enabled). The LKP500-EN does not provide voice chime, meaning it will not announce the descriptor for a zone when chime and voice are enabled, but it will provide the chime beep, and will speak system status when prompted.

The LKP500-EN is programmed into the panel via zone programming, which means it must be programmed through AlarmNet 360, and then paired with the system. The Lyric Gateway can support up to 8 LKP500-ENs, on zones 850 - 857. The zone is used to supervise the keypad for check-in, low battery, and tamper. The LKP500 sends a check-in message to the panel every 60 seconds, and if the panel doesn’t hear from the keypad for 200 seconds, it will put the zone for that keypad into trouble. In order for keypad trouble conditions not to prevent the end user from arming, it is recommended the LKP500-EN be programmed into the panel via Batch programming. Keypads programmed in in this way, allow keypad trouble conditions to be bypassed, so the user can arm. If the Batch enrollment method is not used, a keypad trouble must be cleared before the user can arm.

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