How Long Can the Power Wire For a Honeywell Lyric Controller Be?

The power wire for a Honeywell Lyric Controller can be up to 20 feet long when 18-gauge wire is used. By using thicker wire, you will be able to achieve a longer wire run for the system. The most popular and recommended wire size for the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System is 18-gauge wire.

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The Honeywell Lyric Controller uses a 9VDC transformer power supply for electrical power. However, per the laws of electrical physics, you cannot reasonably expect the entire 9-volts of power to make its way to the system. Some of the power will become lost as it travels down the wire to the panel. And thicker wire will do a better job of retaining power, thereby allowing for longer wire runs. As long as the Lyric is receiving at least 7.2VDC of power, no AC loss condition will be displayed.

Remember, the lower the gauge (AWG), the thicker the wire. When using 22-gauge wire, a maximum wire run of 8 feet is possible. With 20-gauge wire, the maximum allowed wire run becomes 13 feet. And with 18-gauge wire, the recommended wire size for powering the Honeywell Lyric Controller, the maximum allowed wire run is 20 feet. You may be able to use even thicker wire for a slightly longer wire run if needed. But keep in mind that cabling becomes less flexible and more difficult to work with as you obtain thicker wire.

If you are working with standard cabling, keep in mind that the wire will need to be stripped and prepared so that the copper is revealed. You will likely need a wire stripper tool to complete the process. We recommend going with stranded wire as opposed to solid wire, as stranded wire is typically easier to work with and more forgiving. If you do not want to strip your own wire, then the Honeywell LT-Cable is a great option. This is a prepared 18-gauge, 2-conductor wire that makes it easy for a DIY user to set up their own Lyric System. But keep in mind that the LT-Cable only measures 8-feet in length. If you require a longer wire run, you must prepare your own wire.

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