How Many DSC WT5500 Wireless Keypads Can I Add to the DSC Impassa?

You can add a maximum of four DSC WT5500 Wireless Keypads to a DSC Impassa. The system will support a total of four compatible external keypads. Compatible keypads for the DSC Impassa include the DSC WT5500 and the DSC WTK5504. Both of these keypads count toward the total limit of four.

The DSC WT5500 is a touch-button keypad that provides a secondary point of access for a DSC Impassa Alarm System. The device provides arming and disarming functions, as well as complete Installer-level programming capabilities. It looks very similar to the DSC Impassa, as both are push-button, text-based LCD devices.

On the other hand, the DSC WTK5504 is a full-color touchscreen keypad that will also work with the DSC Impassa. Many users prefer the WTK5504 for arming and disarming, since it is generally more user-friendly than a touch-button keypad. But the downside to the DSC WTK5504 is that it does not provide support for Installer programming functions. Instead, any major system programming will still need to be performed from the WT5500.

Both the WT5500 and the WTK5504 count towards the Impassa keypad limit of four. Many users will install these devices near secondary entry points for their property. This could include near back doors and near garage doors. This way, no matter where the user enters or leaves their property, they will be able to quickly arm or disarm their alarm system. Four keypads is almost certainly enough for any size property.

Both keypads can be easily enrolled with the system. The DSC Impassa will need to be put into its wireless enrollment mode. This is done by entering in the command [*][8] [Installer Code] [898] while the system is disarmed. The default Installer Code is 5555. The system will display "Wireless Enrollment Mode" if the command was entered in correctly. In this mode, a new keypad can be added to the system. The panel will announce once a new keypad has been successfully enrolled. For more information on adding a keypad to the DSC Impassa, please see this FAQ.

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