How Many Events Does a Lyric Gateway Store In the System?

The Lyric Gateway has an event log which can hold up to 6000 events. This log can be accessed via the MyHome Gateway App, or AlarmNet 360. When viewing through AlarmNet 360, the log can be exported in Microsoft Excel format. Logged events include:

  1. Arm/Disarm
  2. Alarms
  3. Troubles
  4. Bypasses
  5. Monitor Zone Events
  6. Change in State of Z-Wave Devices
  7. Panel System Events (AC Loss, Low Battery, Etc.)

The logging of these events is controlled through panel programming, with the exception of Panel System Events, which are always logged.

Events are also logged through Total Connect 2.0 in the Events and Notifications section. The same events listed above are also logged there, regardless of panel programming. TC2 also logs events for itself, such as Panel Syncs, and User Code Syncs. If Total Connect 2.0 Plus, or higher, is enabled, Zone Open and Close events will also be logged. Total Connect stores events for 90 days, and once 90 days have passed, they’re First in, First out (FiFo).

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