How Many Wireless Zones Does the Honeywell L3000 Have?

The Honeywell L3000 has 40 wireless zones. Each zone will have the system perform some type of response when its assigned sensor is faulted. Most sensors only require one system zone. However, there are some multi-function wireless sensors that can take up more than one wireless zone.

Honeywell l3000 wireless alarm control panel

Every wireless sensor that is used with a Honeywell L3000 System will be assigned to at least one panel zone. The settings for the zone determine how the system responds when the sensor is activated. When programming a new sensor, a user will go through and choose appropriate settings for that zone. For example, a door and window contact is going to have different zone settings and a different Zone Type than a smoke detector. This is because the system will need to take different responses for both of these sensor types.

Although most sensors only require one zone, there are some multi-purpose sensors that require multiple zones for full functionality. Each zone will be used for a different function of the sensor. An example of a sensor that uses multiple zones is the 5800COMBO. It will use separate zones for smoke and heat detection, carbon monoxide detection and low-temperature detection. So if a user wants to get full functionality out of that sensor, they will need multiple system zones. But in most cases, a user can expect to stick to the one zone per sensor guideline.

The Honeywell L3000 includes a built-in 345 MHz wireless receiver for supporting Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors. These sensors were specifically designed with the Honeywell LYNX Systems in mind. The only way to use other sensors with the L3000 System would be with some type of wireless signal converter. However, most users find that it is easiest to just use 5800 Series Sensors or upgrade to a newer system than the L3000.

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