How Much Does Honeywell Total Connect Cost?

There is no exact cost for the Honeywell Total Connect service. The price for Total Connect is determined by how much an alarm monitoring company charges a user for the service. Most users pay a fixed monthly rate that includes Total Connect access as a part of their monitoring plan.

Total Connect provides a user with some great features for their Honeywell Security System. The platform can be accessed using most web browsers with an active internet connection. It can also be reached using the Total Connect mobile app, which is available for free on both Android and iOS devices. After a user has logged-in with their Total Connect account, they can arm or disarm their panel, check the status of their System, control their Z-Wave devices, and view live feeds of their security cameras. Automation and video are examples of features that may affect billing, and will not be available in all plans. By using the mobile app, all of these functions can be performed remotely from virtually anywhere in the world. Total Connect will also allow a user to receive text and email alerts whenever an event occurs on their system.

In order to use Total Connect, an end user will need both a security system setup that is capable of accessing the Total Connect platform, along with a monitoring plan that includes the Total Connect service. A unique aspect of the Total Connect platform is that it allows a system to connect using an IP connection or a cellular connection. However, only Honeywell Security Systems are able to access Total Connect. Simply put, a panel must be a Honeywell System with an internet or cellular connection to connect with Total Connect.

The video below gives an in-depth look at the Total Connect web platform:

As for the monitoring plan, there is a large amount of flexibility. Any monitoring plan that provides access to Total Connect will work. However, the monitoring company may limit the amount of Total Connect functions that are available. This will entice the user to pay a higher rate for a larger number of Total Connect services and capabilities. With this in mind, a user should check to see what features are included in their Total Connect service before committing to a particular monitoring plan.

At Alarm Grid, we offer a wide-variety of different no-contract monitoring plans that include access to Total Connect. We encourage you to take a look at our monitoring page for more information about these plans. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team online or over the phone for more information.

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