How Do I Change the Installer Code On a Honeywell L5100?

You can change the Installer Code on a Honeywell L5100 by accessing programming for the system. To do this normally, you will need the existing Installer Code for the system. If you do not have the existing Installer Code, then you must perform the backdoor method to get into programming.

Honeywell lynxtouch l5100 lynx touch wireless alarm control panel

Alarm Grid does not recommend changing the Installer Code from its default of 4112. This is to prevent you from becoming locked out of programming. The Installer Code cannot disarm the L5100 unless it was the code used to arm in the first place. With that in mind, it is not a security risk to keep the Installer Code at the 4112 default, provided that you do not use the code for arming and disarming.

The most common reason to change the Installer Code on an L5100 is to set it back to its original value of 4112. By setting the code to 4112, you can always look up the code if you lose it or forget it. Just remember to not use the code for any purpose outside of entering programming. Otherwise, you should always use the system's Master Code or a valid user code for functions like arming and disarming. Do not share these private codes with individuals who should not have access to the system.

Of course, it is also possible to change the code from its default of 4112. We do not recommend doing this, but it is an option as well. Regardless of whether you are changing the IC back to 4112 or setting an entirely new IC, the general process is the same. Complete the following steps to change the L5100 Installer Code:

1. Enter programming. You must enter programming to change the L5100 Installer Code. This will normally require knowing the existing Installer Code. It is also possible to get into programming using the backdoor method if you do not know the existing Installer Code. For more information on performing the backdoor method, please see this FAQ. Make sure to pay careful attention to specific information regarding the backdoor method on the Honeywell L5100.

If you already have the existing Installer Code, then you can complete this process without having to backdoor into programming. In that case, begin from the main panel screen, and choose Security > More > Tools > enter Installer Coder (default 4112) > Program. You will enter panel programming.

2. Change the code. Upon entering programming, you should choose the option for Installer Code. You can press "Clear" in the bottom-left to wipe the current code. Then enter the new four-digit code you want to use. Remember, the user of the code 4112 for this purpose is strongly advised. Once you have entered the code, ideally 4112, press "Done" in the bottom-right corner to finish changing the code.

3. Return to main screen. Now return to the main screen for the system. This is done by repeatedly pressing the return arrow in the upper-right corner until you are taken back to the main screen. Make sure to select "YES" when asked if you want to allow the Installer to re-enter programming. Failing to select "YES" will result in you becoming locked out of programming, and you will need to perform the backdoor method to get back in. This is true even if you have the existing Installer Code.

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here is a link to a video on the process of back dooring into a L5100
power down then power up pressing the star and pound button. If not locked out should get you into programming go to star 20 put your new installer code in and you can then use that to change you master code.
Hey Tidy, Here is a video that show you how to back door into the L5100 works even if you dont know the installer code
4112 doesn’t work. I haven’t seen one video that tells you what to do if 4112 doesn’t work?
4112 doesn’t work. I haven’t seen one video that tells you what to do if 4112 doesn’t work
You are probably not using the right installer code. Did you try the process in the last paragraph? Also, how many buttons do you have below the touchscreen and do they have words AND symbols or symbols only?
Can't get to the programming screen on L5100. More-Tools-Installer Code- Enter, it does not work. What to do?
What system do you have? On an L5100, the "unlock key" is the open padlock button under the touch screen. The video to get into programming on an L5100 without knowing the code is found at but if you don't have an L5100, the process may be different or not work for you.
Where is the unlock key location and what is the youtube link?
Perfect! That means it is the L5100 LYNX Touch.
Hi, i found some of your excellent videos on YouTube. I was able to change all the codes by cutting the power and pushing the unlock key. .... by the way, my key pad has symbols, no words.
How many hard touch buttons are under the touch screen and do they have words AND symbols on them or just symbols?
I just purchased a home with a Honeywell LYNX Touch L5100. both the master code and installer code has been changed. What can I do to get around that?
No, there's no back door programming method on an L5000. Have you tried the defaults of 1234 for MC and 4112 for IC?
Hey sterling, you still there??? I have a L5000 and I don't know the installer code or the MC. Is there a way to default the system so I can make it local?
If you go into programming (Security-More-Tools-Installer Code-Program) then hit the down arrow and go into Sounder, you can choose Burglary Alarm Sound = No. Be sure to hit Save before exiting this screen. If you do this, it will still sound for audible alarms, but it won't be quite as loud.
Is there a way to turn down the tone of the siren. It's to loud for a elderly customer
Do the hard touch buttons under the touchscreen have words and symbols or just symbols?
Hi!! I have Lynx 5100 I've gone through all steps detailed in the video. Removed link to battery and unplugged transformer. My system reboots then on system standby screen I press lock button wait for it to go green, then press lock button again and when I hit clear 00..... Nothing happens.. It just goes back to ready to arm screen. Thoughts??? HELP
Have you tried the default Master Code of 1234? If that doesn't work and you don't know what the MC is, unfortunately, the only option is to try all codes starting at 0000 going to 9999 until one works. The systems are designed to not disarm after a power cycle as a security measure and you can't access any programming menus with the system currently armed.
My system is currently quick armed and I do not have the code. I watched your videos to get the Master Code and Installer code but it did not work. Is there a way to disarm the system and generate a new code? The previous owner of the house if unreachable.
It is possible to lock out an L5100 but you should call us when you are home so that we can verify that it is really locked out as it's very rare to have an L5100 system fully locked out and there are tricks we have that can get you access to the system if it's partially locked out.
Is there any way to "unlock" a L5100 control panel that was monitored by another company so a new monitoring company can take over? The new company says I'll have to replace the panel because it's locked out and because of the old company's dialer.
Have you tried opening the system and removing the WIFI module and then powering up?
Just bought a house with this system and it never gets past the re flash reboot sequence. Will the company be able to reset once I call them? Constant loop for days and it has connectivity to Internet.
There should be a small tab at the bottom left of the Security screen, where you see the options to Arm AWAY or Arm STAY. If you press this tab, it toggles back and forth between Delay and Instant. If you set it on Instant, then Arm STAY, this is instant arming (Exit Delay, but no Entry Delay, Interior zones bypassed).
Arm INSTAT iron missing on Lynx 5200. How do I display?
I've never heard of that happening. It certainly sounds strange. I would recommend you contact your seller and have them get Honeywell involved to see what could be going on.
Have you ever heard of this issue re: keypad backlight on the L5200: It is set for 30 seconds, but after 1 hour and 15 minutes, the keypad lights up and will not go dark again. If I go into programming mode and exit, it will go dark again after 30 seconds of inactivity, but will go hot again after an hour and 15 minutes. Is this a defective panel?
The OFF key is the open padlock button at the bottom of the panel. Follow the steps in the last paragraph of the FAQ to get into programming without using the installer code.
its a l5100. i cant get to the programming screen. i dont believe there is a turn off botton. I think if i can get to the program screen, i may be able to read my way thru the rest. hoping its not to difficult....
You have to follow the steps exactly. Also, if your hard touch buttons have words on them, you actually have an L5000 and not an L5100 system. This process will not work on an L5000.
thanks. i just bought this system but the guy didnt give me the code he used. also the default code did not work, so now im stuck trying to figure out how to rest it so i can label the sensors. that didnt work what u suggested thou...
It is the hard touch button at the bottom of the panel with the open padlock symbol on it.
where is the off key located on L5100
Yes, enter programming mode and go to System Settings. There is a Keypad Backlight option that you can enable which will cause the panel to go dark after 30 seconds of inactivity.
Hi, Is there any way I can program the screen to go on standby mode or screen saver when not being used for a long period. My lynx 5200 has been actively on since I had it installed
Hi Jay, do you have the Automation tab on your Total Connect account? If not, you need to upgrade your account. Are you an Alarm Grid customer?
I just installed a thermostat current innovations zwave. My l5100 can see the thermostat and I can control the thermostat from the l5100 but I can not see the thermostat on my total connect.
Hi Vantha. Give us a call when you are home with the system and we can walk you through the steps mentioned below.
Hi Sterling, I just received and programmed 5200 lynx touch. I have to disconnect the power so that I can move the System to a proper location. I tried to complete other programming of Key Fob. When I press the program button, it doesn't respond. I have tried the steps you have mentioned to Dom but I am still unable to get into the Installer Code? What should I do? Is there anyway I can reset the System so that I can reprogram everything again?
Yes, you have locked yourself out of programming. To get back in, power cycle the unit and then once it shows the red 'System Standby' bar at the top, press and hold the 'Home' button (the actual button at the bottom of the screen. When 'System Standby' turns to green 'Ready to Arm', release the button and then press and release the button again. Finally, press the 'Security' icon and then the 'Arm Stay' icon and when the keypad pops up, press 'Clear' and then '00'. You should then be able to access the 'Program' screen. Make sure, in the future, to answer Yes when the system asks if you want to allow the installer to re-enter program mode.
I have 5200 lynx touch and when I press the program button, it doesn't respond. Have you see this before?
Which system do you have? Most alarm companies will not give out their installer code but some systems have a back door method. Unfortunately, if you have the L5000 system, there is no back door method and you will have to have your company add the sensors for you if they won't let you into programming.
I'm currently having the same issue. I'm trying to add 4 sensors to my alarm. The company that installed our alarm is refusing to give me the installer code. Will a monitoring company generally give you the installer code?
No, unfortunately with the L5000 there is no back door programming method.
Bummer... So there's no way to reset the installer code without involving my monitoring company?
If you are already monitored by someone else, we most likely would not be able to get access even if you added an internet or cellular device. You would need to have your current company make the programming changes. Or you can ask them to supply you with the programming code so you can make the changes yourself.
Sterling, I have a L5000 and would like to reset the installer code, so I can add to the system. Unfortunately, I am locked in to a contract, otherwise I would switch my monitoring over. How would I activate an internet or cellular device to allow you to remotely program my panel? How much would something like that cost? Thanks!
Hi Omar, Is your system an L5100 or an L5000? Do your hard touch buttons on the bottom have words or just pictures? I would recommend a power cycle of the panel if your 'System Standby' message never switches over to 'Ready to Arm - Chime'.
Hi Stevie, If you are locked out of programming, the first few steps of this FAQ will get you back into Programming mode. You don't need to change the installer code once you are in. Make sure in the future to always say "Yes" when the panel asks if you want to allow the installer to get back into programming mode.
I have tried everything I read in the forum but nothing works. I Bought a new house with the system and I know the master code but the messge "system standby" is always on the top of the screen. What can I do?
Have the installer code, but the installer is blocked from programming. When you exit programming, it asks if you want the installer to be able to get back in. Someone (guess who) said no. Now I can't get into the program mode at all. Will changing the installer code with this method, reenable programming?
Yes, we do. Check out the Security Products link at the top of any page on our site.
I wish I would have researched first. I am locked into a contract. Ugh. Do you sell accessories for the 5100? Thanks for the quick response and great information!
No, changing the installer code won't affect any monitoring setup. Also, take a look at our monitoring sign up page to see if we could save you money on your monthly rate.
If I change the installer code will this affect my connection to the alarm company. It is currently set up but I want to add some door sensors and don't want the company to come back out who installed it.
Sorry, it is a typo above that says this trick works for the L5000. This trick only works for the L5100. If you have an L5000 and don't have the installer code, the only way to get it is by activating an internet or cellular device with us so that we can remotely program the panel.
I've tried this several times also on my L5000. After I push 00 nothing happens. my system is disarmed and I have the master code (not the installer code though). I'm doing the complete power unplug then replug way because I don't even see the program option on my screen (L5000) whenever i go to tools option.
If you have the installer code, there is a way to reset the master code with the installer code but the system must be disarmed. With a system that is armed, without the current master code or a key fob that is already programmed, there isn't really a good way to get it disarmed. Your only option would be to have a dealer with Compass software try to remote into the system and reset the master. If you wanted us to try, you would need to have an internet or cellular device installed in the panel.
What should I do to disarm it? I tried both disarm and off button, however the installer code can't make me disarm it. And that's why I want to reset the installer code.
It won't work if your system is currently armed. You would have to disarm the panel and then try again.
I've tried several times, but it still can not bring me to tool menu. It brings me back to armed stay instant right after enter 00. What shall I do?
Hi wadeb, If the system is armed, someone trying to do this would trip an alarm. If the system is disarmed, then why would someone have access to your system? The fact is that all Honeywell systems have a "backdoor" way to get into the programming mode. Since the installer code cannot be used to disarm the system if the master code was used to arm it, it really isn't a security risk for someone to have your installer code. Of course, if you allow people into your home and give them access to your security system, then there is a risk that they would make changes that would allow them to break in without tripping an alarm.Therefore, you should not allow people you don't know into your home. As for how to get the Total Connect 2.0 app, you need to download it from the iTunes app store. If you are on an iPad, make sure to choose iPhone apps when searching. Only the demo is available if you are searching for iPad apps.
What is required to get an ipad/iphone app that actually works? The version at ITunes is just a demo from what I can tell.
What stops antoneelse who can get near my system from doing the same thing and putting in an installer code I don't know? from doing the same thing when I'm not at home?
Hi erd, Good question. The OFF key is the hard touch button at the bottom of the panel with the open padlock icon on it. Hope this helps you get back into programming, but let us know if you still have difficulty.
Which one is the OFF Key on L5100 ?

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