How to connect your iPhone to a Honeywell L7000?

The leader of the Honeywell LYNX family, the L7000 LYNX Touch is the top dog when it comes to self-contained wireless alarm systems. Anyone that has one will tell you just how simple the initial setup and programming really is. Well, connecting your iPhone to the L7000 follows precedent and can be accomplished in just a few easy steps. There are two methods of connecting your iPhone to your LYNX Touch.

The most popular way to connect your iPhone to your L7000 alarm panel is sign up for the Total Connect 2.0 service. Total Connect allows you to remotely access the alarm panel for arming, bypassing and live status monitoring anywhere your iPhone has an internet or cellular connection. This means you can control your L7000 from just about anywhere in the world! The best part of the Total Connect service is that you can setup customizable text and/or email alerts based alarms, troubles, AC loss, low batteries, and even open and closes on specified sensors like high security zones or outdoor gates or shed doors.

The Total Connect service is the ultimate solution for closely monitoring your system at the tips of your fingers. Total Connect is available on the web and in the form of a free app on your iPhone. In order to sign up for Total Connect you will need to reach out a Honeywell Alarmnet dealer to activate service. We offer a no contract self-monitoring plan for only $10 per month with an IP communicator like the L5100-WIFI. Also, we have a no contract monitoring Plus+ plan which includes both the Total Connect 2.0 service and UL Listed Central Station monitoring.

You can also download the LYNX Connect app for $0.99 on the App Store. This app will give you the ability to control the L7000 locally on your WIFI network and does not incur a monthly cost. There is no ability to setup alerts with this application.

Check out our quick and dirty introduction to the L7000 if you are still deciding on a new alarm system or possibly upgrading your existing system:

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