How to find the serial number on a Honeywell 5816?

The serial number of a Honeywell 5816 wireless door and window sensor is used to program the device into a Honeywell security system with wireless capability. The serial number of a 5816 is printed on two stickers that can be found on the device. One sticker will be located along the side of the device. This sticker is frequently removed if your Honeywell alarm system was professionally installed. If you open the cover of the 5816 contact, there is another long thin sticker that has the serial number affixed to the circuit board itself. The serial number of a Honeywell 5816 will come in this format: A000-0000. If the serial number sticker is no longer with the 5816, the device can still be programmed using the sensor trip programming mode on a Honeywell wireless security system.

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