How to program House ID for Honeywell L5200 System?

House ID code is a programming feature that is used by all bi-directional devices to tie them to your Honeywell L5200 alarm panel. Bi-directional devices such as the 5828 keypad not only send signals to the panel but request status from the panel. First you want to hit the more button, then tools. Enter the installer code (4112), hit program. At the top right you will see system type "RF House Code" (his is the same as House ID) . Toggle in and you will need to clear out the default zero. Press clear and you can enter any two (2) digit number. After you enter your two digit number hit DONE, then SAVE. Back out to the home screen and make sure you hit YES to allow installer to reenter.

The process is very similar to the L5100. The video below explains how to do it on that older panel.

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