If I'm Locked Out How Do I Get Back Into Programming on a Lyric Gateway?

Honeywell designed the Lyric Gateway to have no user access to programming. The only way to access the system's programming is to have the unit monitored by an alarm company who is also an AlarmNet dealer. The monitoring company can access the Gateway through the AlarmNet360 platform.

It is important to note that the alarm company monitoring the Lyric Gateway cannot be locked out of programming. The system is always available to be accessed by them remotely through AlarmNet360.

To access programming, ask your alarm monitoring company to make any needed programming changes to your system, including but not limited to: programming and naming new zones, communication and reporting configuration.

If your alarm company will not allow program changes, you may want to sign up for service with a different alarm company who is also an AlarmNet dealer.

AlarmNet360 is a platform from Honeywell that is used to configure many of their alarm and security products. It is possible for an alarm monitoring company to become an AlarmNet dealer. The Lyric Gateway cannot be monitored through any other service. This means that only an AlarmNet dealer can access system programming and provide monitoring for the unit.

The monitoring company can access Lyric Gateway through any of its available communication paths. The system has an integrated Ethernet jack and built in WIFI module. It can be upgraded with a compatible Verizon or AT&T communicator. The cellular communicator installs in an expansion bay in the top of the system. For the Gateway to be monitored, the system must use one of these available communication paths. The Gateway can operate using only one of the paths, or it can combine Ethernet or WIFI with cellular. This will have the system jump to cellular communication in the event that the Ethernet or WIFI drops. This feature is called dual path communication.

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