Is an Interlogix Simon XT Z-Wave Compatible?

Yes, an Interlogix Simon XT is Z-Wave compatible. But it will need a Z-Wave controller before it can support Z-Wave devices. The only compatible Z-Wave controller for the Interlogix Simon XT System consists of an cellular communication module with an integrated Z-Wave controller.

If a user wants to use Z-Wave devices with their Interlogix Simon XT System, they must add a Z-Wave controller. We recommend adding a cellular module with an integrated Z-Wave controller. In addition to providing Z-Wave functionality, a cellular module will allow the Simon XT to use a cellular communication path. Cellular service is considered to be the optimal communication method for alarm systems. This is because cellular service is both extremely reliable and impressively fast. Cellular service is almost never down or unavailable, and it provides fast outbound communication signals.

Additionally, cellular service will allow the Simon XT System to work with This is an interactive service platform that allows a user to arm and disarm their system, check the status of sensors and operate Z-Wave devices. By using the Mobile App, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere. Overall, is an excellent service, and it truly allows a user to get the very most out of their alarm system. We strongly recommend the interactive service platform for any Simon XT user.

For those reasons, we strongly encourage any user with a Simon XT System to obtain cellular monitoring. But if the system is unmonitored or uses POTS (plain old telephone service) communication, then there is no possible way for an Interlogix Simon XT System to achieve Z-Wave functionality. Any Z-Wave operation must be done through, through a key fob or using an Interlogix Two-Way Talking Touch Screen Keypad. But regardless of how the Z-Wave devices are controlled, the cellular communicator is always required, as it serves as the actual Z-Wave controller (communicator) for the Simon XT System.

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