Is Apple Home Compatible with

No, Apple Home, also known as Apple HomeKit is not compatible with As of May 2020, there is currently no integration that links the HomeKit platform with a user's account. But you can use Siri Shortcuts to control your system remotely using Siri voice commands.

Apple HomeKit allows users to integrate a wide selection of compatible devices into a convenient smart network that can be controlled from anywhere using Siri voice commands. You can also create automations to have your HomeKit devices activate automatically with predetermined events. When a security system is included on the HomeKit network, you can have your devices respond automatically to different actions by the system. For example, you might have your HomeKit Lights turn OFF when you Arm Away or have your HomeKit Lock UNLOCK the door when you Disarm. There are all sorts of possibilities.

Many users wonder if they can integrate Apple HomeKit with This way, they could theoretically have their HomeKit devices respond to actions taken by the alarm system, with the needed communication occurring through the servers. Or conversely, they might have their Z-Wave devices paired with their Security System activate based on actions on the HomeKit network. Unfortunately, neither of these scenarios is possible. This is because there is currently no integration between HomeKit and ADC.

One work-around if you want to control the Z-Wave devices for your System remotely using Siri voice commands is to use Siri Shortcuts. This will allow you to run complete smart scenes from virtually anywhere in the world by making a simple voice command through Siri. The command is then sent across the servers so that it can ultimately reach your panel and be sent out to the local devices. Additionally, if you are looking for a security system that can integrate with the Apple HomeKit Platform, we recommend checking out the Honeywell Lyric Controller, which supports a great HomeKit integration.

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