Does a 5853 glass break detector work with an L5200?

The Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch wireless alarm system is compatible with the Honeywell 5853 wireless glass break detector. The 5853 is our favorite glass break detector for its ability to balance security and false alarm prevention. The FlexGuard Technology built into the unit uses a highly tuned microphone that can detect the flexing of glass even if it does not break. This feature can prevent a break in before it actually occurs. Unlike shock sensors, the 5853 has a better ability to ignore potential false alarms like lightning strikes, thunder and normal shaking caused from someone knocking at an entry door. This combination makes the 5853 glass break sensor extremely versatile across residential commercial alarm systems.

5853 Glass Break Detector

A glass break detector is designed for windows that are not easily pried open. Crank windows, sliding glass door and bay windows that do not open at all are great applications for a glass break detector. They are also very valuable when it comes to protecting several windows in a single, open space. With its 25 foot detection radius, the 5853 can save an end user a time and money. Time with the ease of installation and money by needing much less hardware with the single glass break instead of several window sensors.

Although the 5853 is one of the better glass break detectors, here are the other glass break detectors supported by the L5200. The LYNX Touch L5200 supports a total of 64 burglary zones. If you a larger system that is pushing the limits on zones glass breaks are a great way minimize the number of zones without compromising the integrity of the system.

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