Is the ADC-V720 Camera POE?

Yes, the ADC-V720 Camera is POE. This outdoor camera can be powered in one of two possible ways. It can either receive power directly from a POE network switch, or it can use a POE injector in combination with a non-POE network switch. WIFI cannot be used with the ADC-V720.

POE refers to "power over ethernet". This technology allows an IP device, such as an IP security camera, to receive both electrical power and internet connectivity by using just one ethernet cable. By doing this, you can eliminate the need for a separate cable to strictly send power to the device.

If you are using the ADC-V720 camera with a POE-compatible network switch, then you simply need to run an ethernet cable from the network switch to the camera. However, if your network switch is non-POE, then you will need to use a POE injector to make it compatible. This can be done by running an ethernet cable from the network switch to the POE injector, and then running a second ethernet cable from the injector to the camera. Please be aware that both the POE injector and the network switch will each require their own power supply. A great POE injector to use for this purpose is the ADC-POE-INJ.

Once the ADC-V720 has been installed and set up with, it offers some tremendous features for end users. The camera is capable of recording and playing back video in 720p HD. Its weather-resistant design makes it excellent for capturing crystal-clear videos in an outdoor setting. By using an ADC SVR100 Stream Video Recorder with the camera, a user can record and store up to 4TB worth of video. A user will need to have active service with in order to do this.

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