Is the Honeywell L5200 flash upgradeable?

The LYNX Touch L5200 is the first flash upgradeable wireless alarm system offered by Honeywell. The older L5000 and L5100 LYNX Touch alarm systems do not support this essential feature. As we all know, technology across most industries grow exponentially. The alarm industry finds itself in a period of rapid technological growth with the integration of IP and GSM communicators, Z-wave home automation integration and remote access/control. Don't get left behind.

Traditionally, when a new feature is released an end user has to make a choice. Upgrade your panel and benefit from the new features or keep your existing panel and get left behind. Upgrading an alarm system is not always simple and it certainly is not free. This zero-sum game prevented most alarm users from experiencing the newest features and technology.

Flash upgradeability is a huge factor for all of these reasons. Since the release of the L5200 is so fresh we do not know exactly what these firmware updates will look like but they are supported. If you are not a person that needs the newest features then this may not matter much. However in a DIY market we have found that this feature is paramount when choosing which alarm system you chose to rely on for your security in your home or business.

The days of antiquated wired alarm systems with complicated keypad sequence based programming and locked features are a thing of the past. The Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch is the panel of the future. No more lengthy contracts and inevitable service calls. This panel offers the same level of security on a user friendly and future proof platform. As soon as we find out more about the details of the upgrades we will inform the Alarm Grid community on our blog.

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I currently have a an L5200 at my home. This was installed about a year ago. I also had a unit recently installed at my cottage. When I am in TC and setting up a scene for a simple lighting schedule for Z-wave connected switches ... it is different from the home to the cottage. Mainly - I cannot make the Dusk or Dawn selection for On or Off at my home. But it is available on my cottage. Is this a firmware upgrade that needs to be completed at my home so that this feature is available. Can you make a recommendation on how to approach this.

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