Is There a Fall Sensor Compatible with the Lyric System?

Yes, there is a fall sensor compatible with the Lyric System. The 2GIG F1-345 Personal Safety Pendant will work perfectly with the system. This device will activate when it senses a fall, or when the help button is pressed and held for two (2) full seconds. Both functions work on the Lyric.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Getting a functional medical alert button for a loved one can be very important. You want to respect your loved one's privacy and help them maintain their independence. But at the same time, you want to also know that they can call for help if they need it. A great way to do this is with a medical alert button like the 2GIG F1-345. The device is super easy to use and enroll with the Lyric System.

If your loved one experiences a fall or other medical crisis, they can press and hold the center button on 2GIG F1-345. The button must be pressed and held for two (2) full seconds to activate. Once activated, the sensor will transmit a signal to the system. This will put the system into alarm. To use the device as a medical alert sensor, the Response Type for the Zone should be "24-Hour Auxiliary". Make sure that the central station knows that this is for a medical alert button.

An additional feature for the 2GIG F1-345 has the sensor activate if the device detects rapid, sudden movement caused by a fall. This is made possible using the device's built-in accelerometer. This can be very useful if your loved one experiences a fall and is unable to activate the sensor themselves. Keep in mind that your loved one should not jump around while wearing the sensor to avoid accidental activation.

As a 2GIG 345 MHz Sensor, the 2GIG F1-345 is compatible with any Lyric System running Firmware Version MR3 or higher. You will use Loop 1 when programming the sensor to the system. Both the accelerometer and the help button will report to this same Zone on Loop 1. As a result, you only need to program one (1) Zone for this sensor. Remember to disable RF Supervision if your loved one plans to keep wearing the sensor while away from the building. They will only be able to activate the sensor while they are within range of the system. This sensor offers a wireless signal range of up to 1,000 feet.

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