Is there a wireless siren for the 2Gig GoControl?

The 2GIG GoControl is a self-contained wireless system that has a factory equipped siren. The speaker is built into the touchscreen keypad and outputs an alarm at 85dB. For small to medium sized homes and businesses this siren should be plenty. However there are easy ways to enroll wireless sirens to the 2GIG GoControl. The GoControl has a Z-Wave controller which supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices. This includes sirens that speak Z-Wave! By default, "Question 88: Select Z‐Wave Siren Mode" is set to (0). This means Z-Wave sirens will sound for Burglary and Fire/CO. If you desire it to be Burglary alarms only then set this question to (1).

The most common models are the Fortrezz SSA1, SSA2 and SSA3. The SSA3 is an outdoor siren designed to be weatherproof. The Everspring SE812 is another Z-wave siren that is compatible with the GoControl. This particular unit has an adjustable noise level of 90 or 100dB with an LED strobe. It also has an RF range of 100 feet with line of sight back to the panel. All z-wave devices must first be included into the panel. Then you will need to configure a rule that triggers the siren based on any alarm.

There are no 2GIG options for 345MHz wireless sirens. We already discussed Z-Wave sirens but there is one other option. The Resolution Products RE116-U universal wireless siren comes with its own RF transmitter that wires directly into the GC panel. You can purchase several RE116's to speak wirelessly back to the RF transmitter included in the RE116-U.

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