2GIG LTEV-A-GC2 Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use the 2GIG Easy Updater Tool to Update a GC2 Panel?
First, verify the GC2 has Firmware version 1.5 or later. Next, power down, and connect the Updater Tool to the GC2. Finally, power up, and press "Start". Learn to update the GC2.

How Do I Convert my Landline Security System to Work w/ Cellular?
Converting a landline security system to cellular is easy. The process involves obtaining a cellular communicator and switching to a monitoring plan that includes cellular service. The cellular module will then need to be activated. Learn more about converting a security system to cellular.

2GIG GC3 vs 2GIG GC2
Two of the most popular security panels from 2GIG are the GC3 and the GC2. The GC3 is considered to be 2GIG's flagship panel, while the GC2 is an older model. While the GC3 does offer some upgrades over the GC2, none of these upgrades make the GC2 obsolete. Learn more about the GC3 and the GC2.