ADC-S2000 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use an ADC-S2000-T-RB Without a Thermostat?
The ADC-S2000-T-RB can report temperatures to, even if it is not paired with a Z-Wave thermostat. Learn about how you can use the ADC-S2000-T-RB without a thermostat.

Can I Receive Temperature Sensor Alerts from
Temperature sensors are unable to alert regarding high/low temperatures. But you can use a compatible smart thermostat for this job. Learn about temperature sensors.

Will the ADC-T2000 or ADC-T3000 Thermostat Work w/
The ADC-T2000 and ADC-T3000 were literally built for use with These are Z-Wave thermostats that can be easily paired with ADC. Learn about the ADC-T2000 and ADC-T3000.