Honeywell 4208SN Frequently Asked Questions

4208U Vs. 4208SN
The 4208U and the 4208SN are both 8-Zone hardwire expansion modules with some differences between them. Read on to learn about these two polling loop expansion modules.

Should I Purchase a 4208U or a 4208SN?
The 4208U and 4208SN are both 8-Zone Polling Loop (V-Plex) Expanders. Both work with the VISTA-128 and VISTA-250 panels. But there are differences. Learn about these expanders.

Can I Use a Honeywell 4219 Zone Expander on a VISTA-50P?
The VISTA-50P is a polling loop alarm panel, and it can only support polling loop zone expanders. It will not support a Honeywell 4219. Learn about the VISTA-50P.