Honeywell 5899B Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Replace My ADT Door Sensor's Magnet?
Replacing an ADT door sensor magnet is as simple as finding a compatible new magnet, taking the old magnet off the door and putting the new one in place. If you are just replacing the magnet, no programming changes will need to be made at the panel. Learn more about door sensor magnets.

Will 5899B Magnets Work on a Honeywell 5816 Sensor?
The 5899B magnet will work with the 5816 wireless sensor. The 5899B is compatible with other sensors. Find out if the 5899B is the right magnet for you.

Do Honeywell 5815 door and window sensors have magnets?
Learn how the Honeywell 5815 door and window sensors work and their use of magnets in this Alarm Grid FAQ.