Interlogix Simon XT Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Arm/Disarm an Interlogix Simon XT From My Phone?
A user can arm and disarm their Simon XT System using their phone if the system is connected with the service. This process involves using the Mobile App to send a signal to the Simon XT System for arming and disarming. Learn more about using with a Simon XT.

Can I Set Up WIFI as Primary & GSM as backup on an Interlogix Simon XT?
At this time, Interlogix does not offer WIFI connectivity for their Simon XT System. Instead, a user only has the option of adding a cellular communicator to the panel. This is not a concern due to the outstanding performance and reliability of cellular communication. Learn more about the Simon XT.

Can an Interlogix Simon XT Do Home Automation w/o Monitoring?
In order for the Interlogix Simon XT to do Z-Wave home automation, an cellular module must be added. In addition to providing a cellular communication path, this module also serves as a Z-Wave controller for the system. Learn more about using a Simon XT Panel for home automation.