Rules vs Scenes on LYNX 7000?

The L7000 LYNX Touch supports Z-wave based home automation integration. You will need to purchase and install the L5100-ZWAVE module in order to enroll any z-wave devices. After you "include" the Z-wave devices, there are way to preconfigure  scenes and rules to execute specific commands to devices based on triggers like a sensor fault or a disarm command. 

A scene is a set of actions to specified z-wave devices. For example, a vacation scene could be setup to randomize lights and set the thermostat to energy saving mode. A rule allows you to execute a scene based on a specified zone fault and/or a system operation like arm away or end of exit delay. For example, you can setup a rule to execute the vacation scene when you are Arm Away. You can also set a rule to activate the wire trigger output to a wired relay like the Altronix RBSNTTL

All in all, scenes and rules allow you to automate your L7000 so it can execute commands to your Z-wave devices based on common occurrences. Setting up these actions are free and must be setup locally in the panel under the Automation icon. Once they are set will continue to execute until they are deleted. If you have rules based on arming these can be triggered remotely by arming from the Total Connect 2.0 remote service as well. We offer Total Connect with our no contract Self and Plus+ Monitoring plans for $10 and $20 per month respectively. 

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You'' create 2 scenes, one to have the lights turn on when the alarm is tripper. The second to shut off the lights after a disarm command is given. Here is a video that goes over setting up scenes: (The process is similar for both panels)
Can I have the L7000 turn on a zwave device like a light switch when the siren is triggered like alarm going off then turned off when the alarm/siren is turned off. If yes, how.
You can create a rule to turn off the HVAC or set it to a specific temperature if a zone is faulted but the L7000 doesn't have the more advanced conditional logic to support the rule for only firing off the action if the sensor is opened for more than 3 minutes.
Hello there, with a L7000 Could I setup a rule to turn off HVAC if a door/window sensor is open for more thant 3 minutes? or at least change thermostat temp for AC to 80 and Heat to 50?
First create a scene with that light turning on. Then build a rule to run that scene based on a zone fault on page 2 of the rule setup. Change to zone fault and select the zone the motion is set on as the first start zone.
hello how could i turn on light with motion sensor when trigger some rule and run the scene ....... i have lynx 7000 l? thanks
No, the system doesn't offer an option for a flashing light using Z-Wave devices.
Can you configure your zwave lights to blink on and off when the alarm goes off? I have an l7000 with a zwave board and a zwave light switch already configured.
I'm glad to hear it worked. Please check out our no-contract monitoring plans as we fully support that system. You have a great day as well!
Thank you so much Sterling it worked perfect you sir are amazing. It's nice to know that there are good people that are willing to help others still left in this world. Have a great day.
So you'll need to setup a Rule by pressing More > Tools > enter Installer Code > Rules > Add New. In the Rule, set the Type to Trigger Output and the Action for On for 2 Sec (or Permanent On but if you do that you'll need a stop rule as well) and Start System Operation to End of Exit Delay. All other options should be set to Not Used.
L7000 with the ultrasensitive relay and power supply and an external siren
What panel and siren are you using?
How do I make my siren blast at the end of away time out ?
Unfortunately Rules are global and are not limited through the use of scheduling. Automation logic on the LYNX lacks the ability to execute if/when situations. I recommend you setup another Z-wave hub that offers these features. You can keep the LYNX as a secondary controller that continues execute basic scenes, rules and schedules based on security action triggers.
It seem Rules are executed regardless of the time schedule. I tried to keep lights off during the weekend between 7 am- 6 pm with a Rule. But the lights will come on regardless of time when they are triggered by an event. There should be a way to execute Rule during a specified Time schedule. May be someone can clarify?
Yes - I have both schedules and scenes programmed and working fine - as well as having experimented with rules. Sounds like I need to spend a little more time figuring out how rules interact with scenes and schedules. Will do so and get back to you if I have further questions - thanks!
No Rule should run without a Scene or Schedule that triggers the Rule. Do you have any Scenes or Schedules programmed yet?
Thanks, Sterling. Guess I'm going to have to play with this a bit more. Thought I did set up a rule like this in a schedule and the rule seemed to run regardless of the scheduled time. What's not clear to me is that when you set up a rule there is seems to be no way to differentiate it from a rule that will be scheduled vs a rule that will run all the time. So - I guess not surprising that the rule is running independent of the schedule time. Am I missing something in setting up a rule that will be referenced in a schedule?
That would be the way you would set up a Rule to run at a scheduled time. You create the Rule and then setup a Schedule based on that rule with the specified time to run the rule.
Ok - there is an option to set the "type" of a schedule to a "scene" or a "rule" - what does it mean when you select "rule"?
You can run a Scene based on a Rule or a Schedule. Unfortunately, you can't use the scheduling to run a rule only during certain times. You would have to instead start the scene at a specific time and have a stop scene to run at another specific time.
Sterling - could you help me understand what a schedule type of "rule" means? Originally thought that it means the rule would only run during the schedule times, but set one up that way and wasn't the case. (Rule ran regardless of time). I really would like to have a rule run only during certain times -suspect there is someday to do that since there is a "rule" option for a schedule type, but documentation is not clear on what it is and how to use it. Thanks!

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