Rules VS Scenes On Lynx Touch L5200

Both rules and scenes are terms used when using Total Connect 2.0.

A scene is a set of actions scheduled for Z-Wave home automation devices tying them together to happen at the same time. Example: leave for work in the morning and want the thermostat set to 80 degrees while gone and also want to lock the entry door after you leave. Both can be scheduled to happen when the system is armed away. With a Total Connect 2.0 account, in addition to controlling ZWave home automation devices manually, it provides the ability to create a “scene” to control a group of ZWave automation devices, such as door locks, lights, and thermostat at the same time. Once a scene has been created in Total Connect 2.0 give it a name such as: gone to work or vacation. The panel must sync after a scene is created or a scene has been edited to update the schedule.

A rule provides the ability to schedule to be notified of events from the security system, ZWave home automation devices and ip cameras. Example: If an unauthorized person enters the inventory room. it will send a notification of the event. There are many rule notifications that can be set up. Remember to sync the panel after creating any rule, notification to update the information.

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