Thermostat Econ Recovery vs Fast Recovery?

On a programmable thermostat, Econ Recovery and Fast Recovery are the two primary energy options that can be set by the user. This setting will determine how quickly the HVAC system can adjust the overall temperature inside the building, as well as the total energy output of the system.

When a thermostat is powered on or when the temperature must be adjusted, the heating and cooling system (HVAC) must use energy to get the building to the set temperature. This is true whether the building is being heated or cooled. The amount of energy that is used will have a huge impact on the user's energy bill. That is a big reason why many people are careful with the temperature they set on their thermostat.

But beyond just simply setting the temperature, many newer thermostats offer an option for either Econ Recovery or Fast Recovery. This setting is used to control the overall energy output of the building's heating and cooling system. The best setting depends upon the overall needs of the user and the people inside the building.

Econ Recovery, which stands for "Economy Recovery" is the energy saving mode for the thermostat. In this mode, the heating and cooling system will exert less energy in adjusting the temperature inside the building. This will save the user money on their energy bill. However, this means that it will take longer for the building to reach the desired temperature.

A great option for saving money is to turn the thermostat off or to set it to a less comfortable temperature while nobody is in the building. Then, a few hours before anyone returns, activate the thermostat in its Econ Recovery setting. This will give the system time to adjust the temperature, without using a large amount of energy in the process.

Alternatively, the thermostat can also be set to Fast Recovery. This will have the HVAC system adjust the temperature inside the building as quickly as possible. However, a large amount of energy may be used during this time. This will result in a higher energy bill in the long run. However, if energy savings are not a concern, then this is the option to use. Fast Recovery is also ideal for situations in which the temperature inside the building needs to be adjusted as quickly as possible.

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