What Does Arm Custom Mean?

Arm Custom means that you have armed your security system, but one or more zones have been bypassed. The bypassed zones are inactive and unable to cause an alarm on the system. However, all of the other system zones are still active, and faulting them will trigger the usual Response Type.

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When you go to arm your security system, you might want to have some sensors that you want to be inactive for just that particular arming session. For example, maybe you want to leave a back window open while you are arming away. Or maybe you are house-sitting for a friend's dog and you want all of the downstairs motion detectors to be inactive. Whatever the reason, you can bypass the desired sensors so that they are unable to trigger an alarm during that arming session. Any bypassed zone will be automatically ignored by the system.

Whenever you arm your system with bypassed zones, it is referred to as an Armed Custom state. In other words, you have Armed your system with a Custom selection of sensors bypassed. The custom selection of zones can be unique to whatever works for your particular situation. You can always change the selection of bypassed zones before you go to Arm Custom the next time. So if you have one sensor that was bypassed last time, but you want it to be active for this arming session, then you can then you will be able to configure the Arm Custom setting accordingly.

One system that makes great use of an Arm Custom feature is the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. When you choose the Security button on the main screen, you will notice an option for Arm Custom. When you select this sensor, you will be taken to a list of zones that you can bypass. Any zone that is highlighted in blue will be bypassed for that arming session. From there, you can initiate the arming session by clicking the Arm Custom button in the bottom-right corner and then entering a valid code. The next time you go to Arm Custom, the system will remember which zones you bypassed. These zones will be automatically highlighted the next time you are in the Arm Custom menu. You will be able to select additional zones to bypass and/or remove zones from the bypassed list so that they are active for that arming session.

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