What happens when I press police on my Vista-20P panel?

Ever wondered what pressing that police button on your keypad hooked up to your Honeywell VISTA-20P Panel would do? Well, we're glad you asked here before you just pressed it!

While the function of the police button on your Honeywell VISTA-20P will depend on how it's been programmed, the normal default will be a panic button.

By pressing police, your siren will instantly go off if it's been programmed as audible. You can also set it to be a silent alarm. Your central station (assuming you signed up for our basic or monitoring plus plans) will be notified and will instantly dispatch the police. You can also request a call to the house before dispatching if you prefer. Make sure to let us know if that's what you'd like as the default is an instant dispatch.

So please, only use police in case of emergencies, because you will likely get charged for false alarms by your local authorities!

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