What is the Alarm.com Bed Sensor?

The Alarm.com Bed Sensor is a occupancy sensor that lets your system know when your loved one is in bed. The bed sensor zone is in an "occupied" state when it detects someone in the bed, and it is "vacant" when the bed is empty. It is perfect for use with the Alarm.com Wellness Platform.

The Alarm.com Bed Sensor consists of a sensor pad with an attached transmitter. The sensor pad can be placed directly under the sheets or between the mattress and box spring. It will activate upon sensing 50 pounds or more of weight, making it perfect for adults of all sizes. Once activated, the associated zone will enter an "occupied" state. When the individual gets out of bed, the zone will return to a "vacant" state.

In order to work with a security system, the bed sensor needs to transmit signals at a frequency that is compatible with the panel's wireless receiver. Currently, the Alarm.com Bed Sensor is available in three (3) different wireless frequencies:

If you pair the bed sensor with Alarm.com, then you can get text and/or email alerts regarding any change in device status. This is good for making sure your loved one is active and that they are up at their usual hour. You might also set specific alerts for nighttime usage. For example, you might have a notification set to occur if the sensor remains in a "vacant" state for more than an hour during the times when your loved one would normally be in bed. This way, if your loved one falls and is unable to make it back to bed, you will get an alert to go and check on them.

For even more functionality, you should strongly consider pairing the device with the Alarm.com Wellness Platform. This will allow you to more closely monitor your loved one's activity. Over time, Alarm.com will recognize patterns in your loved one's usual behavior. The service can alert you if something seems out of the ordinary, such as your loved one remaining in bed for a long period of time, or your loved one getting into bed at an unusual time of day. If you have access to Alarm.com, then you can ask your monitoring company about including the Wellness Platform as a service package add-on.

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