What Is the Best Cold Temperature Detecting PIR Sensor?

The best cold temperature detecting PIR sensor is the Honeywell 5800PIR. This sensor primarily functions as a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor with a detection area of 35' by 40' and up to 80 pounds pet immunity. But it also functions as a temperature sensor when programmed to Loop 3.

Honeywell 5800pir exterior of wireless motion detector

The Honeywell 5800PIR works by looking for the changes in PIR energy that occur with movement. Every person gives off a small amount of body heat. The 5800PIR is able to detect this energy and alert the alarm system to a potential security breach detection method is relatively consistent across most passive infrared motion sensors.

As a motion sensor, the 5800PIR offers many great features that help to make it a worthwhile product. It has two different sensitivity settings, which is determined by the programmed Loop Number. If it is programmed as Loop 1, then the sensor will have a high pulse count and low sensitivity. This is the standard setting for the 5800PIR.

You can also program the 5800PIR to Loop 2 for a low pulse count and high sensitivity. In this mode, pet immunity will be disabled. We generally recommend using Loop 1 to prevent false alarms. But a user can still use Loop 2 if they require a higher security setting. If you do use Loop 2, make sure to mount the sensor very carefully so that false alarms do not occur.

But what's really exciting about the 5800PIR is third loop. When programmed as Loop 3, the sensor will operate as a low-temperature sensor. In this mode, the sensor will alert the system if the temperature falls below 45°F for 10 consecutive minutes. This is great for letting the end user know about a broken HVAC unit. They can then take the necessary action before the pipes freeze.

If you want to have the 5800PIR operate as both a motion sensor and as a freeze sensor, you will need to program two separate zones. The zone for motion detection will be programmed as Loop 1 or Loop 2 depending on the required sensitivity level. The zone for low-temperature detection will be programmed as Loop 3.

In addition to the 5800PIR, which is designed for residential use, there's also the 5800PIR-COM. The 5800PIR-COM is suitable for commercial use, and it features an extended range. This sensor has a detection range of 60' by 80', which is much larger than the 35' by 40' range offered from the standard 5800PIR. The 5800PIR-COM also offers the same low-temperature detection options as the 5800PIR.

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