What is the Default Installer Code for a Lynx Plus L3000?

The default installer code for a Lynx Plus L3000 is 4112. This is the same default installer code as for many Honeywell security systems. This code can be changed, but it is usually not necessary to do so. This is because keeping the code at the default presents very little security risk.

Most DIY users of any Honeywell system simply keep the installer code set to 4112. The code is typically only used for accessing system programming, and it should not be used for arming or disarming the panel. This way, even if the user forgets the default installer code, they can easily look it up so that they can access the programming menu on their panel.

Additionally, there is no risk in keeping the installer code at the default. Even if an intruder knows the default code of 4112, they will most likely not be able to disarm the panel. This is because the installer code can only disarm the L3000 if it was the code used to arm the system in the first place. As long as you do not use the installer code to arm your system, an intruder will not be able to use the installer code to gain access to your armed panel. For this reason, we strongly recommend that users never use the installer code on their panel to arm their security system.

However, we do recommend that users change the master code on their L3000 system. The master code can disarm the system at any time, regardless of which code was used to arm the system. Therefore, knowing this code can be a major security risk. The default master code on an L3000 system is 1234. If the master code on your L3000 is still set to 1234, we recommend changing it as soon as possible.

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