What is the Recommended Minimum Bandwidth for Using the ADC-VDB770?

The recommended minimum bandwidth for using the ADC-VDB770 is at least 2.5 Mbps upload speed. You can check your upload speed using a speedtest program on the internet or by using a mobile app while your phone is connected to WIFI. There are ways to improve your upload speed if needed.

Being able to view the live video feed for your Alarm.com ADC-VDB770 Video Doorbell Camera is a demanding task. The doorbell camera is transmitting real-time video in a very high quality depending on the configuration. For streaming to work, the camera needs to upload the video across your WIFI network so that it can be streamed from your device. If the WIFI network used with the camera does not have a fast upload speed, then this will not work properly. You may want to check that your WIFI network has an upload speed of at least 2.5 Mbps. Do not confuse upload speed with download speed, which is usually much faster.

To check the upload speed of your WIFI network, use a computer, your phone, or another WIFI-connected device. Make sure the device is connected with the same WIFI network that the Alarm.com ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera will use. Then use a speed test website through a browser or a dedicated app to check the download speed and upload speed for your WIFI network. A good reliable website for testing this is speedtest.net. This is a site run by Ookla, and they also offer an app that can be downloaded to run the same type of test from a phone or tablet. Remember when testing on a mobile device the be sure you're checking WIFI and not cellular speeds. Upload speed is what you should pay attention to here. You want to see an upload speed of at least 2.5 Mbps. That is the minimum speed recommended for the ADC-VDB770. An even faster upload speed may be needed if you want to reliably stream high-quality camera footage in real-time without latency or poor performance. Particularly if multiple cameras will be used.

If you need to increase the upload speed for your WIFI network, then there are a few things you can do. First, consider getting a more powerful modem and/or router for your WIFI network. A modem and router combo suitable for "gaming" will likely provide very fast speeds. See if you existing hardware may be holding you back, and consider upgrading any weak links, or even the entire setup. Second, try reaching out to your internet service provider (ISP) and see if upgrading to a faster service plan may do the trick. It's possible that you may be on a relatively slow plan, and that an upgrade may be available. Once you upgrade your equipment and your internet plan, you should find that your upload speed is vastly improved.

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