What Kind of Wire Do I Need For an L5100 Installation?

Whether you are buying the LYNX Touch L5100 in a kit or stand alone there is an included 300-04705 AC transformer but no wire to connect the panel to it.

You have two choices:

1. Purchase the LT cable. It has a convenient male DC plug that connects to the DC port on the back of the wireless alarm system. As well as two spade connectors which easily slide under the screw terminals on the transformers and tighten down firmly. The cable 8 feet in length.

2. Purchase a reel or custom piece of 18/2 cabling. This is 18 gauge wire with 2 conductors in a single cable. This is ideal for longer runs since the LT cable is only 8 feet and makes snaking the cable in the wall easier without the plugs.

If you have an existing keypad location with thinner gauge wiring or just existing CAT5 or CAT6 cabling you can twist the pairs together and use them as well. The power connection is technically low voltage since the transformer is converting the AC wall power to low voltage DC power. So be sure to follow the low voltage code in your area.

Feel free to check out our L5100 installation video on youtube.

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