What Loop Number Does a Resolution Products RE508x Use?

The Resolution Products RE508x Universal Wired to Wireless System Converter uses Loop Number 1 when interfacing with a Honeywell or 2GIG Panel. Make sure the correct Loop Number is set for the device. The device will also function with wireless Cryptix, Interlogix (GE) and DSC Systems.

The RE508x is a device that allows hardwired security sensors to be used with a wireless alarm system. This prevents the user from having to buy all new wireless security sensors for use with their wireless security panel. This will save the user a significant amount of time and money in not having to replace sensors. The device is very similar to the Honeywell 5800C2W Wired to Wireless Converter. The biggest difference is that the RE508x is designed for use with a greater number of security panels.

Up to eight hardwired security sensors will work with the RE508x. The device will accept both normally open and normally closed devices. Both hardwired devices with and without an end of line resistor (EoLR) can be used. However, the RE508x should not be used with life-safety devices, such as smokes or carbon monoxide detectors.

The RE508x works by sending wireless communication signals to a wireless system. Any hardwired device that is used with the wireless system will be connected directly to the RE508x Converter. The device will then act as a communicator between the hardwired sensors and the alarm system. Each hardwired sensor will be assigned to its own wireless zone on the security system so that it can be programmed accordingly.

In order for the converter to communicate with the security system properly, each hardwired input must be assigned the correct Serial Number and Loop Number. For Honeywell and 2GIG Systems, which both accept 345 MHz wireless RF signals, Loop Number 1 will be used. If a different Loop Number is programmed, then the system will not be able to receive signals from the converter, and the zones will not function properly.

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