What Should I Do If There is a Low Battery Trouble?

If there is a low battery trouble, then you should first decide if a replacement is needed. If so, then you should replace the battery with a new one as soon as you can. A low panel battery might just need time to recharge. A low battery for a wireless sensor will always need replacement.

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A battery provides a source of power to security equipment when AC power is unavailable or unable to be used with a particular device. An alarm control panel will typically only use battery power as a backup power source, and it will only switch to battery power when the electricity goes out. Certain functions on a wired panel, may rely on battery power at all times, even if the rest of the system is running on AC power. One common example is a siren on a hardwired panel. On the other hand, most wireless sensors do not have access to AC power, and they will rely on battery power at all times.

The reason why low battery trouble messages appear is so that the end user can take action before the battery dies completely. The user will want to avoid a completely dead battery at all costs. A dead battery for the panel means that the entire system will go offline if a power outage occurs. A dead battery for a sensor means that the associated system zone will be vulnerable. This could result in an intrusion or life-safety event going undetected. In order for your alarm system to perform its job effectively, your panel and all your wireless sensors should have adequately powered batteries at all times.

If you have a low panel battery, then it does not necessarily mean that you have to replace it. The way that panel batteries work is by feeding off of AC power and slowly storing a charge over time. If your system just came off an extended power outage, then it's possible that the battery might just need time to recharge. An easy way to determine this is to give your system 24 hours of running on continuous AC power to see if you can clear the low battery trouble afterward. That will give the battery time to recharge.

If you still can't clear the low panel battery trouble after 24 hours, then the most likely cause is that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that the process for clearing a low battery trouble message will vary between different panels. Check the instruction manual for your panel for more information. We also have an FAQ that will help you use a voltmeter to perform more advanced troubleshooting techniques for determining the cause of a low panel battery trouble. You can check it out here.

If you have a low sensor battery, then you will definitely want to replace it. These batteries don't receive a feeding charge from another source. Unless you have a rechargeable battery, you will not be able to keep using it once it is out of power. Keep in mind that most batteries have a lifespan of three (3) to five (5) years with typical use. However, this can vary between different sensors and systems. Check the product specs for more info on how long a battery should last. To make your batteries last as long as possible, always use lithium batteries unless otherwise stated, and always use the recommended battery type for the device.

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