What Should I Do If There is an AC Power Loss?

If there is AC power loss, then you should try and restore power as quickly as possible. Until AC power is restored, you panel will be running entirely on battery power. If the battery runs out, then your system will shut down entirely, and your home or business will be unmonitored.

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A panel receives AC power from a plug-in transformer. The transformer that a panel uses will depend on the power requirements for that panel. Different panels have different power requirements, and using the incorrect transformer could result in serious system damage. If your panel is showing an AC loss condition, then it means that the system is not receiving enough electrical power from the AC outlet. It might be receiving insufficient power, or it might be receiving no power at all.

A very common reason for an AC loss condition to occur is because the transformer has been unplugged. If that is the case, plug it back in. It's also possible that the wire leading from the transformer to the panel has been disconnected or experienced damaged. If you notice visible damage on the wire, you might consider replacing it. Another common occurrence is that the electricity in the building is out. In that case, you will have to wait for it to be restored. If extended power outages are a frequent occurrence in your area, then you might consider getting a backup power generator to keep your system running in these situations.

Most AC loss conditions are caused by one of the problems mentioned in the preceding paragraph. However, there are some other, less common reasons why you might be getting an AC loss condition. Using the incorrect transformer could lead to the problem. Make sure the transformer you are using meets the required specifications. Another possibility is that the backup battery is draining too much power. This may occur if you try to use too many backup batteries without a proper setup. Finally, there could be something internally wrong with the panel. For advanced troubleshooting to determine the exact cause of an AC loss condition, you will need a voltmeter. We recommend checking this FAQ for more information.

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