What Should I Replace My LYNX Plus L3000 Control Panel with?

You should replace your LYNX Plus L3000 control panel with a Honeywell Lyric Controller. This state-of-the-art system is very user-friendly, and it will work with any sensor that was programmed with the L3000 system. This makes the Lyric the prime option when upgrading from the L3000.

Both the LYNX Plus L3000 and the Lyric Controller are wireless alarm systems from Honeywell. This means that their compatibility with security sensors is largely the same. The only major difference is that the Lyric will function with Honeywell SiX Series sensors, while the L3000 will not. Honeywell SiX Series sensors are top-of-the-line security sensors that feature 128-bit AES encryption to prevent them from being spoofed or taken over by hackers. All other sensors that can be used with the L3000, such as any Honeywell 5800 Series sensors, will also work with the Lyric Controller. This means that you will not need to replace any existing sensors when upgrading from the L3000 to the Lyric. Additionally, if you used any hardwired sensors with the L3000 by using a Honeywell 5800C2W, that setup will also work with the Lyric.

Right out of the box, the Lyric comes equipped with some very great features. With no add-ons needed, the Lyric can already connect to a WIFI network and integrate with the Total Connect interactive service. The Lyric also comes equipped with a Z-Wave controller for interacting with Z-Wave home automation devices. The L3000 will only support cellular communication, it has no WIFI option, and does not support Z-Wave control. The only add-on module that will generally be used with the Lyric Controller is a cellular module so that the Lyric can send signals to Total Connect and the central monitoring station using cellular communication.

When upgrading to the Lyric Controller, the feature that most users are generally pleased with is the Lyric’s intuitive touchscreen controls. Unlike the text-based operation of the L3000, the Lyric touchscreen is lively, colorful and very easy to use. Most users find that the Lyric Controller is much easier to navigate and that setting up new wireless sensors and making basic changes to the system settings is incredibly straightforward. Overall, the Lyric Controller is excellent for DIY users, and it makes using a security system a more pleasing and satisfying experience.

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