What Siri Shortcuts are Available w/ Alarm.com?

There are countless Siri Shortcuts available with Alarm.com. Almost any possible ADC command can be set up as a Siri Shortcut so that it can be activated through voice commands that are sent through Siri. However, each and every command must be individually set up to work in this manner.

Alarm.com is an interactive service platform that end users can access to gain remote operation and control of their security systems and many connected devices. When ADC released version 4.8 of the Alarm.com iOS Mobile App, they added support for Siri voice commands. As a result, end users can now use spoken voice commands to execute various actions that are associated with the Alarm.com service. In other words, if there's a system action that can be performed from Alarm.com, it can now probably be performed through a Siri Shortcut. This feature is compatible with any iOS device running Apple iOS Version 12 or higher. To use this feature, the user must enable the option for Siri Shortcuts from within the Alarm.com Mobile App.

However, the catch is that any Siri Shortcut must be individually set up with the iOS device, one by one. The user will choose which action to establish as a Siri Shortcut, as well as the specific and exact phrase that will activate the command. The user will record the custom phrase so that it can be triggered whenever it is needed. Alarm.com made this possible for many basic system actions, such as arming away, arming stay and disarming. A user can also set up the same command to respond to multiple phrases for added functionality. The user will simply activate Siri and relay the spoken command. The iOS device will then communicate with Alarm.com to have the action performed automatically within a matter of seconds.

But the real reason that this feature is so exciting is that customized smart scenes can be set to activate with Siri Shortcuts as well. In other words, a user can use spoken phrases to activate one or more of their Z-Wave smart home devices from virtually anywhere. This could include anything from unlocking a Z-Wave door lock, setting a Z-Wave thermostat to a specific temperature, or turning on a set of Z-Wave lights. It's even possible to have multiple smart home devices respond with the same voice command, as long as they are included in the same smart scene. The important thing to remember though is that each and every Siri Shortcut must be set up an programmed individually with its own unique spoken voice command.

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