What Size Wire Should I Use for an Outdoor Siren?

You use 18 AWG or 22 AWG size wire for an outdoor siren. But really, the size of wire you use for a siren isn't super important. However, you should understand that thicker cabling will allow for longer wire runs. Also, make sure to use insulated wiring when setting up an outdoor siren.

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The most important thing when wiring a siren is making sure that your connections are nice and secure. As long as you do that, then your siren should work properly. Most DIY users will just use whatever wire they happen to have on hand, and it will get the job done. That being said, we find that 18-gauge or 22-gauge tends to work best for completing the connections. If you are going out to buy new wiring, then 18-gauge is probably your best bet. We also sell 18-2 wire on our website that is perfect for wiring a siren. If you can wait a few days for the wire to arrive in the mail, then ordering some wire from Alarm Grid can save you a trip to the hardware store. We sell wiring in 500 foot and 1,000 foot boxes.

If you are setting up a particularly long wire run, then it is important to understand that thicker wire allows for longer runs. Remember, the lower the gauge (AWG), the thicker the wire. You can check the specifications for the siren model you are using to see the maximum allowable wire run based on the wire gauge you are using. If you find that the wire you have won't allow for a long enough run, then you might consider getting some thicker wiring. Keep in mind that these specifications can vary significantly between different sirens, so make sure to check the wiring requirements for your model.

One other thing to consider is that an outdoor siren will definitely warrant the use of insulated wire that can withstand rain and other weather conditions. Trying to use non-insulated cabling in an outdoor environment can definitely lead to some problems later on. Make sure that the wiring you use is approved for outdoor use. We recommend using stranded wiring over solid wiring, as stranded cabling is usually easier for DIY users to work with. It is more forgiving, and it makes the setup process substantially easier.

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