What Smart Home Items are Compatible with the Honeywell Lyric?

The smart home items that are compatible with the Honeywell Lyric include HomeKit devices and Z-Wave devices. The Honeywell Lyric Alarm System is one of the few HomeKit-compatible security systems available on the market today. The panel also includes a built-in Z-Wave controller.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Being able to interface with both Z-Wave devices and HomeKit devices makes the Lyric one of the best security systems available in terms of smart home functionality. Z-Wave devices can easily be enrolled with the system so that they can be controlled from the panel directly and remotely from Total Connect 2.0. A user can create smart scenes based around their Z-Wave devices so that they activate automatically based on a schedule or with certain predetermined system events. It is even possible to execute smart scenes automatically when certain system sensors are activated. This allows for many great applications, such as having the lights and the thermostat activate when a door is opened. Both Z-Wave Plus and Z-Wave classic devices can be used with the system. But keep in mind that Z-Wave Plus devices will only be able to use the range equivalent of Z-Wave classic devices.

Meanwhile, Apple HomeKit compatibility is a great feature that helps the Lyric stand out from many of the other home security systems. It is a big reason why many iOS users ultimately decide to install the system. A user can use their iOS device, like an iPhone or an iPad, to control their Lyric using voice commands that are sent through Siri. If a user has a HomeKit Hub like an iPad, an Apple TV or an Apple HomePod which is established on the same local WIFI network as the Lyric, they can even perform these functions remotely. The user can also integrate their Lyric Controller into various HomeKit Smart Scenes for added functionality. This way, a user can have their HomeKit compatible devices respond automatically when a user arms or disarms their Lyric System, when a pre-defined event occurs, or at a particular time.

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