What's the Best Place to Install a Heat Detector?

The best place to install a heat detector is a location that needs to be monitored for fires. The area should be unique in that it is not suitable for a standard smoke detector. Heat detectors are usually installed in areas that often feature dust or smoke that may otherwise set off a standard smoke detector.

In most cases, smoke detectors or combination smoke and heat detectors are used over standalone heat detectors. This is because standalone heat detectors are less sensitive to the presence of fire, and they may not respond as quickly as a smoke detector. However, there certain areas in which it makes sense to use a heat detector over a smoke detector. These are typically areas that feature dust or smoke that may cause false alarms on a standard smoke detector.

One common household location for a heat detector is the kitchen. This is because when someone cooks food, it's possible that the fumes could set off the smoke detector. This is especially true if there is a reoccurring tendency to accidentally burn the food. While burnt food is certainly an inconvenience, it's not worth alerting a central monitoring station and having them contact the fire department. But while a smoke detector may become triggered due to burnt cooking, a heat detector will not.

Other frequent spots for heat detectors include garages and attics. These locations tend to feature a substantial amount of dust and other fine debris. It's possible that these particles could get inside a smoke and prevent it from working properly. In some cases, this could even cause false alarms on the system. Heat detectors are also recommended for rooms where indoor smoking is an approved activity by the owner.

Regardless of where you place a heat detector, these devices should be placed away from any vents or ducts that may interfere with their function. We recommend placing them high off of the ground or on the ceiling. This is because heat rises, and you will want the sensor to pick up the change in temperature in the event of a fire. Finally, the device should be placed in an open area, and it should not be blocked by other objects or obstacles in the area.

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