To change monitoring services, do I need a new GSMV4G?

The Honeywell GSMV4G is an Alarmnet cellular communicator that can be monitored by any Alarmnet dealer. However it is important to verify the exact model number of your communicator and alarm panel. The Honeywell VISTA-20P is designed to work with the GSMV4G using Honeywell's Alarmnet server. This setup is what allows you to utilize the Total Connect 2.0 service for customizable notifications and remote arming capabilities. We offer no contract monitoring plans that include our Self-monitoring plan with Total Connect. We also offer Central Station monitoring in the form of the Basic Monitoring when stand alone and the monitoring Plus+ plan if you would like Total Connect and Central Station monitoring together.

Your previous monitoring provider will need to "release your radio" after they cancel the account. Although this is a simple two step process, we have found that some dealers drag their feet to fully cancel the Alarmnet account. If you own the equipment it is their responsibility to fully release it. If you do not own the gear then you will have to work out a termination plan together. Once your GSMV4G has been released any dealer can activate the SIM with AT&T and register the unit with a new account. At this point, we can offer a signal reading on the unit and run some tests to ensure we are receiving all of the alarm signals from the system.

Larger companies like ADT use off brand cellular communicators like the DSC 3060 when they install Honeywell alarm systems. This allows them to offer a proprietary service such as "ADT Pulse" which makes it more difficult for Honeywell dealers to support and activate monitoring. In this case, you would to swap in a new GSM unit.

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