Where are the Transformers for Honeywell/ADEMCO Security Systems Typically Installed?

The transformer for Honeywell/ADEMCO security systems is typically installed in an outlet near the security system for convenience. However, some installers may choose to place it in a hidden location so that it is not easily accessible. This can include places like a closet or the attic.

Simply put, a transformer for a security system is the connector or "box" that plugs into a wall outlet. Most Honeywell and ADEMCO system transformers consist of large plug-in modules that include an optional screw for securing the device onto the wall outlet cover. These transformers are usually brown or white in color, and they will have two or three terminals at the bottom for cable connectors.

The exact type of transformer that is used with a Honeywell or ADEMCO system will depend on the security panel that is being powered. It is extremely important that you never mix up these transformers and use an incorrect one with your security system. Doing so could cause irreversible damage to the system. Many users choose to label the transformers for their security systems for this very reason.

The table below lists some of Honeywell's most popular transformers and the systems with which they are used:

Honeywell 300-04705
Lyric Controller, L7000, L5210, L5200, L5100, L5000
Honeywell 1361
Vista-21iP, Vista-128BPT, Vista-250BPT, any panel that can use a Honeywell 1321
Honeywell 1321 Vista-10P, Vista 15P, Vista 20P

If you need to locate the transformer for your Honeywell/ADEMCO system, try looking in the immediate area near the panel. Transformer wire runs should be as short as possible. If it is not immediately apparent, then the transformer is most likely in a hidden area, such as a closet, attic, or an adjoining room. Consider the possible locations for the transformer based upon the outlets in the building and keep looking until you find it.

Please note that when installing the transformer, never connect the screw terminals to the transformer while the transformer is already plugged into the outlet. Doing so could blow a fuse in the transformer and cause it to stop working. Instead, always connect the screw terminals before plugging in the transformer, and observe the wire gauge and distance limits listed for your particular system.

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