Where Can I Buy a 2GIG CO Detector?

A 2GIG CO3-345 can be bought from from any certified 2GIG dealer. This may be an independent local installer, or a certified security company online. Be sure to confirm shipping and return policies, as well as warranty replacement timeline and processing details, before purchasing a CO3-345.

When purchasing a CO detector, the user should be aware of multiple factors regarding the sensor, including verifying the age of the device, its condition, and the cost. The sensor can be sold second-hand if the user is looking to buy it from a non- certified 2GIG dealer. This is a major issue, as the detector might be sold to the user as a used or aged product. The age of this device has a major impact on the detector's ability to function properly. Its sensor has a five year life expectancy from the date of manufacture, therefore, if it is purchased second-hand, its value may already be drastically diminished. This very reason is why it is recommended for users to purchase a new sensor, and to be able to verify that the seller has access to recently manufactured equipment.

A certified 2GIG dealer will generally sell newly manufactured equipment, and will be able to provide warranty information to the buyer. There will always be a lesser chance of receiving a defective sensor if it is purchased from a certified dealer. In the rare case that the sensor is defective, the certified dealer will be able to assist the user with a warranty replacement. A second-hand seller, however, might not be able to, or might refuse to provide warranty information or replacement options.

The age and functionality of the device contributes to the overall security of the location that it will be monitoring. Purchasing newly manufactured equipment gives the user piece of mind, and speaks for the quality of 2GIG systems. Pairing the CO detector to a panel becomes an easy experience, for both the user and their alarm company. With a new product, the alarm company will know how to troubleshoot the device if there are any issues during the pairing process, or with general use. Comparatively, an older device will prove to be a hinderance to the system, since it may have issues with functionality and pairing. This also causes unnecessary troubleshooting steps, as there is no way to improve the functionality of an older CO detector.

The detector pairs to 2GIG systems, but can also pair to the Honeywell Lyric. To pair to the Lyric, the panel must have the MR3 firmware update. It is recommended for the user to check with their alarm company to verify which firmware version the panel is on. Verifying the firmware is important, since the sensor will not function with the Lyric unless that firmware version is installed.

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