Where is the Power Button on the L5100?

There is no power button on the L5100. However, you can conduct a system reboot to have the L5100 perform a soft reset. You can also power down the panel by removing its power supply and its backup battery. This is useful if you want the L5100 to remain off for an extended period of time.

Removing the panel's AC power supply and its backup battery is the only way to truly shut down an L5100 system. The AC power supply should be removed before the backup battery. You can remove the AC power for an L5100 by either unplugging it from the outlet or by disconnecting it from the panel. A small flathead screwdriver is required to disconnect the AC power supply from an L5100 system. Once the panel is no longer receiving AC power, you can then open up the panel and remove its backup battery. A blank screen will confirm that the panel is off.

You can also conduct a system reboot to have the panel turn off and then immediately back on. Neither rebooting the system nor removing its power will cause the L5100 panel to lose any of its settings or configurations.

Complete the following steps to perform a system reboot:

1. Access master programming. From the home screen of the L5100, go to Security > More > Tools > enter Master Code (default is 1234). You will now be in the master user menu.

2. Perform the reboot. Select the "Test" option. Then choose "Reboot". The system will ask you if you are sure. Select "Yes". The L5100 will then reboot.

3. Test the L5100. It will take up to 6 minutes for the entire rebooting process to be completed. When the panel first boots up, you'll see a status of "System Standby." When this message clears, and the display shows the security status of the panel, the reboot is complete. Once the panel has been reset, you should arm and disarm the panel to ensure that it is working properly.

The video below shows you how to reboot the L5100, then re-enter programming if you've been locked out.

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