Where should I place LYNX 5100?

Because the Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 will act as both your alarm control panel and your system's most important keypad, its placement when doing your installation is key.

As the system includes the wireless receiver that communicates with your various alarm sensors, you'll want your Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 to be as close to the center of your house as possible to ensure the best signal possible.

However, as a keypad, you'll likely want to place your Honeywell L5100 near one of your common entrances to your house such as by your front door or garage.

As your only AUI (advanced user interface) keypad, you may want to worry about placement more from a useful location standpoint and then use a Honeywell 5800RP repeater to extend the wireless range out to the sensors.

Also, if your concerned with someone breaking in and destroying your L5100 system before the alarm goes off, make sure to sign up for one of our monitoring plans that includes central station service. If you have upgraded your Honeywell LYNX Touch with an AlarmNet communicator, we include Advanced Protection Logic. APL is a feature that will still send an alarm to the central station even if the L5100 panel is destroyed during the entry delay period.

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