Where Should I Place Lyric Security System?

The video below discusses mounting location options for the Lyric Security Controller:

There is no right or wrong place to install the Lyric Controller, but there are some things to keep in mind. The Honeywell Lyric Controller Security System is a full self contained alarm and home automation system which has the APL feature. With APL enabled, if the Lyric Controller is tampered with during the entry and communication delay time, it will generate a special communication failure message that is sent to the central station.This message alerts the central station that the system has been tampered with and may have been compromised. The APL feature can only be used when connected to a Central Station for monitoring.

With the APL feature enabled, users feel confident when installing the panel close to an exit door so it’s easy to arm / disarm the system when leaving the premise.

The Lyric Controller has a built in camera that will take snapshots of anyone who disarms the system. The snapshot can be sent to the user via email and or text message if the user has a Total Connect 2.0 account.

Users can also install the Lyric Controller in a bedroom and use the LKP500 SiX series compatible keypad next to the exit door. The LKP500 is a encrypted wireless alpha keypad which allows users to view the status of the alarm and control the panel. The Lyric Controller supports up to 8 of the LKP500 keypads.

The LKP500 keypad can also be used with the desk stand, the LKP500-DK. Using the desk stand allows users to have the keypad placed on a counter, nightstand or end table and is perfect for those not wanting to make any holes in the wall. The desk stand also allows easy placement from one room to another.

Placing the Lyric Controller somewhere that the user feels comfortable with is the best option.

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Honeywell doesn't list the wire gauge/length limits for the LKP500 so we suggest using the wire that comes with the supplied power supply to ensure you won't be outside of any possible limitations.
What is the wiring requirement on LPK500 keypad relative to the power supply (i.e. distance, gauge size, etc)? I am trying to utilize the existing wiring from the panel to a wired keypad to power the LPK500. Thanks

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