Which Alarm System Works w/ a Honeywell IS335 Motion Sensor?

Many alarm systems work with a Honeywell IS335 Motion Sensor. The sensor will work with nearly any hardwired alarm control panel that supplies enough power. While it was designed for Honeywell Panels, the IS335 can be used with other systems, as long as the appropriate connections are made.

Honeywell is335 pet immune motion detector

The Honeywell IS335 is a hardwired motion detecting sensor that pairs with the panel using a 4-wire connection. Two of the wires are for power, and the other two are for data. The sensor provides a detection area of 40 feet by 56 feet, and it offers pet immunity for animals weighing up to 80 pounds. It detects motion using PIR technology. Overall, the Honeywell IS335 is a great motion sensor for residential use.

When connecting with the panel, the power wires will generally land on the keypad bus. On a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System, this is the ECP bus that powers almost every system device. The motion sensor uses 12mA @ 12VDC. You should take this into account when calculating the total current load for your alarm system. If you have a very high current load, you may need to add an additional power supply.

If you make the appropriate connections, then the Honeywell IS335 should work with any hardwired alarm system. You just need to connect the pair of wires for power and the pair of wires for data. Keep in mind that you will need to have a zone available to support the sensor. The terminal used with the data connection will determine which zone number is used. These same principles generally apply to any hardwired sensor.

It is also possible to use a Honeywell IS335 Motion Sensor with a wireless system. To do this, a wired to wireless converter is needed. The Honeywell IS335 will connect directly with the wired to wireless converter. The converter will then send a wireless signal to the panel on the behalf of the sensor. By doing this, the alarm system will view the Honeywell IS335 as a wireless sensor.

At the end of the day, there are not many restrictions when using hardwired sensors like the Honeywell IS335. For wired systems, you just need to have a zone available and enough system power to support the sensor. Simply complete the 4-wire connection. For wireless systems, use a wired to wireless transmitter so that the sensor can communicate wirelessly. Make sure that the converter speaks at a frequency that is compatible with the system.

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